Trains, rental cars and hotels will also be booked soon

First in the UK

Uber becomes a travel portal: trains, rental cars and hotels will be booked soon

Uber wants to grow and expand its reach, initially in Great Britain. In addition to driving services, the company’s main business, customers can already rent bicycles and scooters through the app. From summer you can also buy train and bus tickets through the app. At one point, hotels and rental cars will follow, reports “Travel week“.

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Uber does not want to sell tickets directly, but rather works on booking sites for the new service. According to the report, talks with potential partners are currently underway in London. According to the company, “Focus wire“Customers use Uber Driver to book flights and hotels and to travel between train stations, airports and their accommodations.

Uber is growing in Germany

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. “We want to further expand our services in basically all markets,” Uber’s spokesman Editorial Network Germany (RND) explains when asked. “However, this can only be done gradually. Opportunities like those in the UK are not currently planned for Germany.

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Most recently, the American company also grew in Germany. On Thursday, Uber launched its service in Braunschweig, Hanover, Leipzig and Magdeburg. That means people can now book a driver in a total of 16 German cities with the “Uber Rides” processor.

Hungry people can order food deliveries through the “Uber Eats” operation in a total of 20 cities in Germany. Couriers deliver the desired food by bicycle from the restaurant to the front door.

Uber: Review of Transport Service Providers

The “Uber Rights” business model has long been considered controversial. The company does not operate the vehicles, but acts as an intermediary between the driver and the customer. In the United States, mainly private drivers offer their services.

This is not allowed in Germany, where the company uses collaborative partners such as taxi companies or rental car companies. In the past, critics have accused transportation service providers of exploiting private drivers.

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