December 1, 2023


Garmisch’s Super-G – Gut-Behrami: The lioness stings again

Ticino wins the race in Garmisch. There is no stopping a week before the start of the World Cup. It just works, she says.

Laughing again: Lara Gott Behrami in Nihayat Garmisch.

Laughing again: Lara Gott Behrami in Nihayat Garmisch.

Photo: AFP

“You cannot imprison a lioness.” This is what Lara Gott Behrami said in the fall of 2017, shortly before her return after a torn ACL. It doesn’t lock up, and it doesn’t look like it’s tame either. Even if the lioness is barely dropping for some time.

Jute Bahrami finished the winter of 2018/2019 in 21st place in the World Cup as a whole. She had no chance at the World Cup, even the chief equipment supplier sharply criticized his horse and criticized its position. Last season, Gut-Behrami also didn’t fulfill expectations at first, so it’s no surprise, she says, that everything is completely different. “A few months ago, I was asked if I could win races again. Now I’m there. It’s very fast – both ways.”

At Garmisch, Ticino won their third Super-G in a row, 68 percent ahead of Norwegian Kajsa Vickhoff Lie was senior. The fact that the success is no longer a surprise shows the status that the 29-year-old quickly regained. Within eight days, she finished first twice and second twice, in three different disciplines.

He is currently in a league of his own

The fact that Gut-Behrami didn’t even go so flawlessly in the Garmisch should put the competition to a halt. She said the flight was unclean. But when you have confidence, everything becomes easier. Then you can do whatever you want and you will just succeed. ”It is amazing how Gut-Behrami let the skis work, and how flexible the movements are.“ As far as the line goes, Lara is in a league of her own, ”summed up Alexandra Messnitzer, ORF expert. It makes the road less than others. “

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At the moment, Gut-Behrami is difficult to stop. Regardless of whether it is on soft or hard snow, whether on steep or flat terrain, whether with an easy or difficult track setting. “I can really do it now,” she said. Gut-Behrami said she hated the Garmisch track for years, as she finished fourth twice at the 2011 World Championships, and to make matters worse, she suffered an injury. “But now I’m still in my head, grown up. I know the mountain is not to blame.”

Only 62 points behind

With his 29th World Cup success, Gut-Behrami is already ranked 12th on the best-of-all list. Winning the Super G World Cup can hardly be taken from her three races before the end, it will be the third small ball in this division after 2014 and 2016. Although she can think further: It is only 62 points behind Petra Velhova in the World Cup comeback in style. General, who was 10th on Saturday and can no longer hide her nervousness in interviews. When asked if she’s thinking about the overall arrangement, Goat Behrami said only: “I want to enjoy it now.”

The focus is now on the World Championships in Cortina, which starts on Mondays a week later. In addition to Gut-Behrami and Corinne Suter (seventh in Garmisch), who have been hesitant since the races in Crans-Montana, Priska Nufer (8), who is nearly 29 years old and still has a lot of progress, must have succeeded the World Cup Super G. There is likely an internal qualification for fourth place on the net. If the weather cooperates, the Swiss will have a final chance in their second Super-G match on Sunday to work their way into the title fights.

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