May 22, 2024

French students condemn school violations on TikTok

Missing desks, broken ceilings, lessons missed for months — students from the Paris region have drawn attention to injustices at their school with satirical clips on Tiktok.

The recently posted set of videos received 2.6 million views on Thursday. Ironically, students and teachers at a school in Sevran dismiss the problems there as trivial matters. “Of course the heating doesn't work” and “Of course we don't have curtains and we make them ourselves,” they say as students tape papers to the window.

France 3 quoted student Lea as saying that political decision-makers are the ones we want to address. She told Agence France-Presse that the idea for the videos came to her when she saw a clip from a prestigious Parisian Lycée school. “We don't have what we need, they have big parks at their high school, they have museums and so on.” “The idea was to say that we are proud to be in Seine-Saint-Denis, but we are asking for additional funding,” she said on France 3. “This is a level playing field.” The department of Seine-Saint-Denis, northeast of Paris, is one of the poorest departments in France. (SDA/DPA/LIN)

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