May 21, 2024

Why do women grill less than men?

1958: Three women grill bread on “Mitteli Day” in the Landewis district of Zurich.Image: Photoshop archive

At the stove, women and men now behave almost equally. But what does it look like on the grill?

According to a survey from the USA, the garden grill is still a male bastion. Famed American barbecue expert Meathead Goldwyn, whose club for barbecue and BBQ enthusiasts worldwide has more than 15,000 paid members, announced that about 85% of its members are men.

According to American chef Gaby Dalkin, many women are afraid of the grill. “Many women who saw me grilling asked if I was afraid to set my eyebrows on fire,” she told him. “Wall Street Journal”.

But fear of Charred eyebrows Injury is not the only reason why men and not women associate themselves with barbecue. For a long time, a woman in front of a large piece of bleeding flesh was not considered female“, writes the newspaper. In addition, many women felt that they had already done enough housework.

In the USA, the website of the barbecue cookbook author – “Girls at the Grill” – Especially to remove women's fears. So does best-selling author Gaby Dalkin.

8,300 new cookbooks were published in the United States last year. 120 focused on the grill – none of which were written by a woman. Perhaps this will change soon.

“The grill makes me nervous because I'm always afraid of making a mistake,” one banker told the Wall Street Journal. But Dalkin helps her jump over her shadow.

“It's not that difficult to make barbecued steak or chicken,” explains Holly Dolce, editor of The Barbecue Cookbook for Women. But women are used to the myth that it's hard.

Is the Wall Street Journal right? How do people around you feel about the grill?


Anyone can do a regular barbecue – here come the crazier models


Anyone can do a regular barbecue – here come the crazier models

Fairly semi-perfect for a barbecue shop with a lot of guests.

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With these grilling tips, you'll be the hero at every barbecue!

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