Frankfurt Skyliners lacks soul

DrGermany’s champions Alba Berlin away on Tuesday (7pm), Oldenburg next Sunday at home in the second round of the cup, then Hamburg, Bonn, Bayern Munich, Ulm and Bamberg in the German Basketball League – these are the brilliant rivals of the Fraport team. Skyliners until November. If Frankfurt’s 76:89 match against Braunschweig at the start of the round is the norm, then the Skyliners cannot win any of these seven tough encounters.

The shortcomings of the Hessians in the first audition against an opponent who would also be among the landing candidates in this constitution were too great. New coach Diego Ocampo’s concern is the lack of spirit in his side in the final round of the opening match. “It was sad because we stopped playing a little bit in the last five minutes of the match,” said the 45-year-old Spaniard. The horrifyingly limited and injured Skyliners can’t afford to give up.

free throw rate

Ocampo maintained high intensity in his workouts. Intense competition should be second nature to players. Donovan Donaldson (six points total) did not pass his first endurance test of the season in a central position. The new playmaker from the United States, who had the second most playing time behind Captain Qwanties Robertson at just under 33 minutes, was unable to go into attack with successful actions. The 24-year-old never hits any of his three-pointers, and from the free-throw line only puts 40 percent of his throws into the Braunschweig basket.

That fits with the photo taken on Sunday in front of 1,200 spectators at the ball gym: the result was a meager 58 per cent in Frankfurt. Robertson, Rashid Moore (13) and newcomer Branko Badiou (14) had to shoulder the brunt of the attack. Winger Robertson’s 29 points marked a new high for the 36-year-old American. Experience has shown that he will not always be able to take on the role of scorer.

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In order for the account not to be so easy to attack, the team must eventually develop more strength. New center Matt Haarms (6), at 2.21m, should increase his under-basket stability significantly. The number of ball losses was also very high at 21.

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