March 3, 2024

Curler has been officially selected for the Olympics

Curler has been officially selected for the Olympics

Olympic Games – The curling Perret/Reus (mixed doubles), Trezoni (women’s) and De Cruz (men’s) teams have been selected by Swiss Olympians as the first players at the Beijing Olympic Games.

The mixed doubles team will feature Jenny Perrett and Martin Rios in the Chinese capital for the second time in February 2022. The two won the silver medal in Pyeongchang in 2018 and provided interesting insights into curling through their mutual interaction on the ice.

Silvana Terenzoni and Esther Neuschwander are also participating in the Olympic Games for the second time after 2018. Her teammates Alina Patz and Melanie Barbezat have joined the team and face their first Olympic bid. Team Tirinzoni will travel to the Olympic tournament as world champions in 2019 and 2021.

Among the medal candidates are the men’s team made up of Skip Peter de Cruz with BenoĆ®t Schwarz, Valentin Tanner and Sven Michel. Geneva won the bronze medal in 2018. After this success, Claudio Patz left the team at his request. Since then, he has been replaced by Sven Michel. De Cruz’s team won the bronze medal at the 2021 World Cup in Canada.

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