May 22, 2024

Formula 1 | Amid the “Horner Crisis”: Red Bull announces a record contract

Red Bull has some concerns ahead of the Saudi Grand Prix. None of them are sporting in nature. The Horner case has shaken the racing team to its foundations and hovers over the team like a dark shadow. In the middle of this stage, very good news was announced.

Red Bull's reputation has suffered greatly in the last four weeks or so. The issue surrounding team boss Christian Horner and the handling of it casts a very poor light on the 'highly glossy racing team', with a lot that could happen at the highest level in the coming days and weeks.

But in the middle of this difficult phase, the team announced some good news. The background is a sponsorship deal that has never existed on this scale in Formula 1.

Horner happy with “record agreement”

Red Bull also announced on Tuesday evening that the contract concluded with sporting goods manufacturer Kasturi at the beginning of 2023 has been extended early. In return, the racing team will receive $200 million. The deal in this form is the largest in the history of the first division.

“From the beginning of our collaboration with 'Castore' last year, we knew we had found a partner as committed to innovation and development as we are. Our confidence has strengthened over the past 12 months, leading to this record-breaking one-stop deal,” team boss Christian Horner was quoted as saying in Official statement.

Red Bull is in the headlines for the wrong reasons

Horner and Red Bull are largely to blame for the fact that the deal is little more than a side note given the developments of the past few weeks. The racing team has come under heavy criticism in relation to allegations made by an employee and the way they were handled.

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It is also said that there is a lot going on behind the scenes among Austrians. It is now said that a very large camp has been formed and wishes to remove Horner. But the fifty-year-old man still clings to his position and refuses to resign.