September 30, 2023

Flight Attendant Exceeds Alcohol Limit Depardieu Can’t Stop – Current Travel

If there’s a loud thump in the lawn, the neighbor’s lawnmower doesn’t have to be faulty. Although this is more likely than the July 18th incident in Chicago. There, a family was suddenly disturbed while eating lunch when there was a loud bang in their front yard, as with “simple flight” is reading. The noise was caused by an “object larger than a car” falling from the sky, the father of the US Aviation Authority said in a phone call after the initial shock. As it turned out, this was the emergency glide of a Boeing 767 coming from Zurich and landing at Chicago Airport, and the 155 passengers and ten crew members on board didn’t notice anything. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), maintenance workers only discovered a very large object missing from the plane on the ground. How this could happen is not yet clear. In any case, this is not the first time that an aircraft has lost an evacuation bracket. In 2019 the same thing happened to Uhud Delta flight on approach to Boston Logan Airport. As was a Boeing 767 at the time, one of which was lost in 2014 Thomas Cook Airlines Boeing 757-300 An evacuation slide is integrated into the wing over the United Kingdom. Take off the cover.

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