July 15, 2024

Fishermen use sharks to open beer cans

Fishermen use sharks to open beer cans

This action sparks outrage: Three fishermen catch a shark in Florida and use its teeth to open a beer can!

The basics in brief

  • Three fishermen caught a sand tiger shark protected in Florida.
  • They use live shark teeth as a can opener.
  • The work causes severe criticism.

Made by three fishermen on the beach In the US state of Florida, it sparks outrage: You catch a shark He was mistreated to open a can of beer!

While one of them grabs the animal, another raises his can on one of the shark’s teeth. The man takes a sip from the hole created this way beer. Everything was filmed and uploaded to TikTok.

58,000 users follow the account. There is criticism in the comments – there is talk of disrespect and illegality.

with animal You should have a sand tiger shark. “In this video, no shark was hurt at all,” one of the fishermen was quoted by The Sun as saying.

He went on to say, “Yes, it is illegal to take a shark out of Water gain weight The game director warned me after the video was recorded.” He didn’t know it beforehand and wouldn’t repeat the action.

What do you think about work?

According to Florida law Law It must be ensured that the gills of protected shark species are always present in the Water condition. The sand tiger shark is one such species.

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