Faisal Al-Kawsi lost 21 kilos

Faisal Al-Kawsi (30 years old) proudly poses in front of the mirror for Instagram subscribers. The German comedian has undergone a major transformation. In January 2021, the Let’s Dance candidate made it his goal to lose weight. Now Kawusi shows the provisional result: by August he had dropped 21 kilos. It also reveals how he did it.

“I often see people turning their entire lives upside down from day to day and they both start exercising and changing their diet,” he says under the photos. He did it differently. He owed his weight loss to a three-step plan. It just started to move. “Other than that, the diet remained the same (anything but health), but it was important for sports to become an integral part of my life first,” he explains, adding, “This way, I lost about 10 kilos on my own.”

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