First woman in office: Daisy Ferrasingham becomes CEO of The Associated Press

Historic change at the top of the Associated Press (AP .)): Daisy Ferrassingham (51) will become CEO and President of the company early next year to replace the former CEO Gary Pruittretired.

With Veerasingham, for the first time in AP history, a woman will head the international news agency. In addition, she will be “the first person of color and the first person from outside the United States to lead the Associated Press in its 175-year history,” the Associated Press wrote on Tuesday.

Daisy Ferrasingham is a first-generation British national of Sri Lankan descent. The trained attorney joined AP Television News 17 years ago as a Sales Manager. She later became the agency’s director of revenue, and earlier this year was named Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Her appointment reflects the changing profile of the Associated Press. Because 40 percent of the company’s income — double what it was 15 years ago — is now generated outside the United States, according to the company’s own data.

Given the news agency’s difficult financial situation, Veerasingham’s main task will be to further diversify its sources of income.

The company suffered a $467 million drop in sales in 2020.

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