December 11, 2023

Appeals court halts release of Trump files

Appeals court halts release of Trump files


On January 6, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. The case has not yet been dealt with.

(Photo: Reuters)

Washington At the request of former US President Donald Trump, the Court of Appeals temporarily blocked the release of files related to the storming of the Capitol building in Washington. The decision should give the court until the end of the month to examine Trump’s arguments against releasing the documents, which were to be handed over to a House investigative committee on Friday.

The appeals court set a hearing in the case for November 30. The investigative panel requested access to Trump’s call records, draft speeches, notes and other documents related to the January 6 storm at the Capitol. They hope this will shed light on the events that led to the unrest and Trump’s efforts to nullify the presidential election result.

US President Joe Biden released the files. Trump then argued in court that, as a former president, he could still decide whether to release the documents. A judge dismissed this Tuesday, explaining, among other things: “Presidents are not kings and the plaintiff is not president.” She turned down an urgent request from Trump on Wednesday.

Trump’s lawyers wrote in their emergency appeal to the Court of Appeals that the former president would suffer irreparable damages without delay. They said he was denied his constitutional right to be heard fully in any serious dispute between the two former presidents and the current president.

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The case will be heard on November 30 by three judges, all appointed by Democratic presidents: Patricia Millett and Robert Wilkins, nominated by former President Barack Obama, and Ketanji Brown Jackson, nominated by Biden. Given the size of the case, it was considered more likely that the losing side would appeal to the United States Supreme Court.

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