November 29, 2023

So sehen Sieger aus. Das Team des RGC Hansa mit Co-Trainer Christoph Görtz, Kilian Kollrep, Reno Tiede, Serhiy Zholudev, John Turloff, Felix Rogge, Konrad Andrzejuk und Cheftrainer Mario Turloff (v.l.).

First title with RGC Hansa – a dream come true for Renault Ted

As his comrades were jumping for joy, Felix Rogge very calmly raised the winner’s trophy with his right arm. The blond boy smiled contentedly. The 32-year-old goalie said he wasn’t a man who released his emotions freely – not even after winning the title. Rogge was a German champion with RGC Hansa. “We confidently undersized it,” the visually impaired blonde says with relief.


“Simply fantastic,” exclaimed coach Mario Turloff after the title title in the club’s history. “The titles are in the history books. That’s great,” says club president and national player Rhino Ted.

Rostock dream come true. On January 8, 2014, he was a co-founder of RGC Hansa. Today, Germany’s first pure goal football club has about 80 members. “We were ambitious from the start,” says Ted.

The Rosstockers, who went to Leipzig in the second half of the season, outperformed the competition. The RGC decided all five matches early. In goal ball, matches are canceled after a difference of ten goals.

After a 17:7 win over defending champion Chemnitzer BC, the title was certain. But after 14:4 SSG Blista Marburg celebrated.

The Rosstockers have scored 133 goals in the 10 games of the season – more than any other team -, conceded the fewest goals (49) and Felix Rogge, the most successful scorer in the Bundesliga. 58 of his droppings slipped into the net. John Turloff was named Young Player of the Year.

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“It’s great that it worked after the Dirty Paralympics,” says Felix Rogge. Rogge, who comes from Nevers near Neubrandenburg, says the pain about the unfortunate qualifying round in Tokyo has been deep. He lived in isolation for two weeks. “One morning I got up and said to myself: What’s the matter? Get up, just start over!” So ​​said the right-handed, who will return to Chemnitz after the League Cup next weekend.

Coach Turloff regrets the strong thrower’s departure. “It would be a dream if Felix settled here.” Next season, young players such as John Turloff, Serhi Zolodov and Kylian Kolrip, who turned 16 on Monday, will face even greater challenges. The trio aim to defend their title at the U19 Championship on November 20 in Rövershagen.

For Rogge und Tiede, there is still another outstanding international event this year. Both are part of the European Championship squad in Turkey (1 to 13 November).

Rogge does not like to talk about the prospects of successfully defending his title or places on the podium. “First of all, it is important to get through the group stage. Then comes the quarter-finals. And if we reach the semi-finals, we will have qualified for the World Cup,” says the man, who is planning a backpacking tour at the end of the year. Rouge will be on the road for two months. His travel destinations include Prague, Norway, Brazil and Canada. “Through sports you know people everywhere.” It doesn’t fully function without the goal ball. “I will take the gym bag with me. You will find me in one hall or another.”

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RGC Hansa: Felix Rogge (total 58 goals), Rhino Ted (34), Konrad Andrzejuk (29), Jon Turloff (7), Kilian Kollrip (5), Serhiy Zolodev.