December 9, 2023

What would have happened to Mick without Alonso?

What would have happened to Mick without Alonso?

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Could there be anything better than P19?

In the end, Haas was as usual in the last two places. Now it is of course pointless to speculate whether Schumacher would have been better if he had been able to use his 14th spot on the grid. He is also unsure of himself.

“I don’t know how much the following would have eaten my tires,” he says. “Then I drove behind Nikita for a while, but I can imagine I could have extended my run a little bit and go a little faster.”

“I don’t know if I could struggle a bit with Sebastian, but I don’t see that I would have done it anywhere near the front.”

At least no potential points were stolen from him due to the collision.

11:26 AM

Hamilton: At -100 degrees in the ice chamber

Lewis Hamilton recovered from hardships in Istanbul on Monday in the ice room. “The season from March to December is intense. Training is important, but relaxation and body care are more important.

He doesn’t seem to be a big fan of the fact that physiotherapist Angela Cullen sends him into the cold: “Man, I don’t like cold and I always have problems at -100 degrees Celsius,” he writes. “I always tell Angela that blacks can’t stand the cold. We’re from the islands, man. A man needs sun.”

Don’t get it wrong: the post is full of laughing emojis 😉

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Three stars for France

Le Castellet was the first Grand Prix organizer to receive three stars from the FIA. This has nothing to do with the racing quality rating out there, but rather the highest level of environmental certification. In doing so, the FIA ​​recognizes the general partner’s environmental performance and commitment to an ambitious concept of sustainable development.

The commitment is based on continuous improvement aimed at reducing the consumption of raw materials, promoting the use of biofuel-based energy sources, the use of sustainable materials and the avoidance of single-use plastics. An innovative mobility plan has also been developed that significantly reduces the carbon footprint of public travel.

“Receiving the highest level of environmental certification from the FIA ​​is a recognition of the work we have done for several years,” says Eric Boullier, former McLaren Team Principal, who is now France Grand Prix principal. The Grand Prix organizer receives this certification and is an important recognition for our organization.”

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Brown: Bota driver of the day for him

For Formula 1 sport director Ross Brawn, Valtteri Bottas was the driver of the day in Istanbul. Although he also enjoyed racing to catch up with Carlos Sainz, who finished eighth in the back row, Bottas did a little better for him: “He didn’t make a single mistake under very difficult conditions,” in “” “Mercedes had a very good car, but he made the best of it – and he never allowed any danger from behind.”

“He’s the outgoing team member and it’s easy to lose your temper in this situation, but he didn’t let himself slip and I think he did a great job. We all know Max is exceptional in these wet conditions, but he couldn’t hold a candle to Valtteri. He showed us that he would benefit. them to the max when Alfa gives him the car next year.”

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Minimum for beginners?

Reader Sven has a question whether it makes no sense, as in German road traffic, to watch the rookies more difficult, for example, to set a minimum race suspension – which is usually twelve points.

Personally, I don’t think so. As a beginner, you should be allowed to make mistakes. Only the bare minimum puts the drivers under more pressure – and there are enough drivers in F1 already. Having to sit out the race early certainly isn’t going to help.

Looking at the current starters, Ike Schumacher has nothing to fear with a score of 0. Fernando Alonso, also known for being a very young rookie, has earned two points since Sunday. Yuki Tsunoda had to be careful with his four points – and Nikita Maspin had missed the race at home in Sochi because he got the sixth point at Monza.

Maybe one of you has an opinion about it?

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Current penalty points list

With Fernando Alonso and Pierre Gasly, two drivers collected penalty points at the weekend in Turkey. For Alonso, this was the first two players since the comeback, Pierre Gasly was previously on the counter.

That’s why we were able to omit points twice on Monday: Kimi Räikkönen lost two points (currently two), and so did Alexander Albon. The Thai has no more points in his account, but he has not been able to collect any points this season. Then again next season.

Lando Norris and Lance Stroll lead eight points.

You can find an updated overview on

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A tribute from the chief racing engineer

Schumacher received high praise from the team for his performance. However, chief racing engineer Ayao Komatsu was not surprised by the result in Istanbul and knows why the German continues to put in good performances.

“Mick works hard, and no matter whether the weekend is good or bad: he is always self-critical,” says the Japanese. “He’s always looking for improvements.”

And if he errs one day, he will not fall into depression, but will be more motivated by him. “He always looks at himself and the other things he can influence. That’s very good,” Komatsu said.

“He’s also working closely with his engineers. They’re also driven by his attitude. It’s working both ways.”

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Mick Schumacher: Best weekend

Let’s take care of Mick Schumacher first. The German showed a particularly strong performance in qualifying and managed to drive into the second quarter on a wet track. “I am very happy and I took so many positive things with me,” he said after the race.

When asked if it was his best weekend, he answered in the affirmative – regardless of the race. “We can be very happy with our performance. We were close to the start and it seemed like the gap between the others was smaller than usual.

He would have liked to fight more than one round, but then Fernando Alonso stood in his way …

So a good result was missed, but as a consolation there was at least a third place in our score 😉

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good morning!

It’s Tuesday and a new day appears in our live stream. Norman Fisher welcomes you today and above all wishes you a good morning.

The race in Turkey is behind us and we still don’t know in which direction the World Cup pendulum will swing. Because the lead was already permanently changed in the last GP, so we can’t make any predictions.

Today we are taking care of the recent influences from Istanbul, looking forward to the upcoming races and also looking after the general future of Formula 1.

Do you have any questions or comments? Then use the contact form or the hashtag #FragMST on Twitter.

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