May 22, 2024

Finally in Great Britain: Reunited with Nassan's Zagary-Radcliffe Family

Finally in Great Britain: Reunited with Nassan’s Zagary-Radcliffe Family

After more than five years in prison in Iran, Nassan’s Zakari-Radcliffe and Anoshe Assouri have returned to European soil.

The British-Iranian nationals were greeted by their families at the Bryce Norton Military Airport near Oxford in the early hours of the morning.

Gabriella, the seven-year-old daughter of Zachary-Radcliffe, hurried to hug her mother, whom she had not seen in six years. Father’s sister, Rebecca Radcliffe, posted a photo of the trio on Twitter: “A little girl has finally recovered her mom and dad. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.”

Elika, the daughter of Assyria, was glad to finally see her father again. “Happiness in one film,” he tweeted.

The non-profit worker and retired civil engineer were allowed to leave Tehran on Wednesday after the British government announced it would repay about € 476 million in old debts to Iran.

The British government has denied any connection between the arrests and the debts arising from the unfinished tank purchase in the 1970s.

Zachary-Radcliffe’s husband Richard says he’s looking forward to a normal life with his wife and daughter. He was two years old when his mother was arrested.

The 43-year-old was arrested in 2016 while visiting his parents in Iran and was sentenced to five years in prison. He is accused of plotting against the Iranian government. The 67-year-old Assyrian was arrested on suspicion of spying.