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Airport test suspension in Canada

Airport test suspension in Canada

A report is expected from the Canadian government today, March 17, 2022, on the elimination of the test requirement when entering Canada.

By the end of this month, the current testing requirement for arrival in Canada should be abolished, making it easier for vaccinated travelers to enter the country. CBC News To report. Once the changes take effect, vaccinated guests will no longer have to show a negative rapid test on the ground or in the air. However, the Canadian government has not yet issued a public statement.

Random test selection

Canada has a great attraction as a travel destination and has news for those considering a local vacation. The question of whether it would be possible in the future to enter without testing did not arise until February. At that time all kinds of relaxations were already being considered, and were implemented in Quebec and other Canadian provinces in stages such as the gradual raising and revocation of vaccination certificates by March 14, 2022. From February 28, there is a general rule that a negative PCR test is not required when entering.

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Entering Canada will probably be simplified.

In addition to the good news expected about the abolition of speedy checks when entering Canada, there is also a drop of bitterness: although it is expected that the duty to test will be reduced upon arrival in the country, the government may still be. Participate in a record random COVID-19 test routine. The procedure has been in use since last month when Canada began allowing quick tests instead of PCR tests for vaccinated passengers.

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Decision on planned simplification of entry

If the simplification actually comes in the form already announced and approved by the government, there will be no barrier to seamless entry into Canada. With the random selection of checks for those entering the country, there is a low probability that you will expect personal delays at the airport. However, nothing has been said against a temporary random policy, thereby leaving the country still a back door to random trials. The question of how those who are not vaccinated will be treated in the future remains an exciting one. Currently, non-vaccinated foreigners wishing to enter Canada must obtain authorization from Canadian authorities to enter Canada.

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