May 21, 2024

Federal Election 2021: Laschet with embarrassing breakdown at the ballot box

Federal Election 2021: Laschet with embarrassing breakdown at the ballot box

The crosses are clearly visible: Armin and Suzanne Laschet cast their votes in Aachen.

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Armin Laschet’s election campaign was marked by mishaps. The Union Chancellor’s candidate also erred on Election Day. His mistake on the ballot paper is eagerly discussed on the Internet.

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Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet folded the ballot paper when casting his vote at his polling station in Aachen so that his CDU crosses could be seen when they were thrown into the jar. This can be seen in the pictures. Sunday’s scene immediately sparked discussions online. The voting decision of Laschet’s wife, who also cast her vote shortly thereafter, can be partially recognized in the photos.

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employment Twitter It is now being debated whether the Supreme Union candidate cast his vote correctly. It is not initially possible to reach the Düsseldorf Federal Election Authority or the Federal Election Authority for a statement. The CDU initially did not comment on the request.

“Zeit” journalist Bernd Ulrich takes Laschet’s gaffe at the polling station with irony:

Laschet has ruled himself out for the position of political advisor associated with the Social Democrat Eric Flug:

Renewable energies expert Volker Kwashing similarly argues:

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Journalist Mario Sixtus considers Lachet’s possible motives:

Spiegel called on journalist Jonas Schapelle to leave the church in the village:

Of course, faux pas is also a model for memes and photo montages.

But only: Laschet does not want to be a factor in the elections, only a consultant.

Talking about election workers. Here’s what a returning federal officer thinks about Laschet’s election failure:

Laschet himself has not yet commented on his recent missteps.

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