Exile is inevitable – Trouble in Europe: FCZ must line up behind Ed Sheeran


From the qualifiers, FCZ will play their European matches at home in St. Gallen, much to the chagrin of Ancilo Canepa.


not entertaining

Ancilo Canepa.

Freshfocus / Mark Schumacher

Letzigrund is operated by the City of Zurich. FCZ and GC are only guests in the stadium, which is not theirs. If some Zurich football fans have forgotten about it, they will be reminded of it again this fall with all their might.

It is already clear that FCZ will play a European match at home in Zurich for the last time this year in the third qualifying round of the Europa League against Linfield on August 11 for the return leg. From the playoff role (regardless of competition), FCZ will play in exile in St. Gallen.

“Büetzerbuebe” and athletics and Ed Sheeran take priority

The band “Büetzerbuebe” initially held two concerts in Letzigrund in mid-August. The stadium is also used for other purposes during the first two rounds of a potential group stage: on September 7, the Diamond League meeting of the elite of athletics will be held with Weltklasse Zürich. The following week, British singer Ed Sheeran will give a double concert in Limmatt.

Ed Sheeran


Instead of targets, there are popping sounds on the ears

Ed Sheeran comes to Letzigrund.

Images by Imago / Ebner Europa

Since UEFA stipulates that all three matches in the group stage must be played at the same place and the campaign cannot start with two away matches in a row, the Zurich team has to smile.

Kibonpark ‘the only stadium in question’

As it happened in 2009, when FCZ qualified for the Champions League for the first (and last) time against a representative of Latvia Ventspils, the club decided to choose Kibonpark as an alternative “home pitch”. “It was the only European stadium in the area that was questioned. We know the conditions there and the management of the stadium in St. Gallen is very professional,” says Ancilo Canepa.

As long as there is no football stadium in Zurich, we will have to live with these very annoying conflicting dates.

The FCZ chief can still fiercely hide his anger. Because regardless of the competition, his club is losing important income. “At worst, we lose several million francs in terms of potential profit,” he says. Canepa also has little understanding of the decision to hold 7 concerts in Letzigrund instead of 5. “The increase was decided last year without our participation,” he added.

There is no improvement in sight in the future either, FCZ simply has less leverage. “As long as there is no football stadium in Zurich, we will have to live with these very annoying collisions,” Canepa explains.

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