Alex Wilson faces further ban after agent confesses

Now, the Swiss record holder over 100 and 200 meters is threatened with another ban. The reason is recognition in the United States.

As reported by “CH Media”, a message similar to Lyra’s confession also refers to a Swiss athlete. Lyra is said to have exchanged information with him “through encrypted electronic communications”. It is most likely Alex Wilson, who has already admitted contact with Lyra.

The exchange mentioned in the document is said to have dealt with the use of EPO and growth hormones. Lyra was also advised in June 2021 to explain the positive doping test from March 2021 for the anabolic steroid trenbolone with the consumption of contaminated meat. This is exactly what Wilson did before the Swiss Disciplinary Chamber.

The confession allows Lera to escape a public trial in New York. However, he faces a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. In the case of cooperation, however, the penalty can be significantly mitigated.

Conversely, this must be the case with Alex Wilson. According to CH Media, a second action against the 32-year-old has already been prepared. Swiss sports integrity should therefore require an eight-year ban. If you add this to the existing list, it would be 12 years in total!

The second measure can only take place once the first four-year ban becomes final, which has not happened yet. The feud has not yet received any grounds for judgment. If this is the case, Wilson can still challenge the ban at the International Sports Court in Lausanne.

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