March 1, 2024

Eringerine meets Tapia Bothoff in the World Cup Test

Eringerine meets Tapia Bothoff in the World Cup Test

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Victory and defeat for German women ice hockey. There were four players from the Erdinger Talent Factory.

Victory and defeat for German women ice hockey. During their first World Cup training camp on Wednesday, the DEB defeated Austria 5-1 (1-0, 1-1, 3-0) goals. The next day, they lost 3-2 (1-0, 0-2, 1-0, 0-1) against the same opponent after extra time.

Tabea Botthof, meanwhile, scored 4: 1 in the first match. He also met Andrea Lanzel, Laura Kluge, Nicola Eisenschmid and Katrina Jobst Smith. “Playing for the national team again was so much fun,” Eringer said after the first game. “And then you win, make everything more beautiful.” She was so satisfied with her outnumbered goal, “because it didn’t happen to me very often that the shot was really in the match.” In the second match I contributed another pass. However, the Austrians won this time.

In addition to Butthoff, striker Franziska Feldmeier, goalkeepers Sandra Abstreiter and Franziska Alpes were in the Erdingen Talent Factory squad. Bel. Who plays ESC Planegg, he was in the first match between bars. Sandra Abstreter (Providence College), North American activist, was on duty Thursday. “On Wednesday the match was faster and better in quality.” “We took advantage of our chances,” said Franziska Feldmeier. “It didn’t work out in the second match. But it was definitely a good preparation.”

On April 16, the players will meet for another pre-season in Füssen, before heading to Canada on April 22, where the World Cup will be held from May 6 to 16 in Halifax and Truro. Snow training is only available on the World Cup site as of May 1. “I think I have a good chance of getting a place in the World Cup squad,” Bothoff said. The final list has not been announced. “But of course I would be very happy to be able to travel to Canada with you.”

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