July 15, 2024

CC suffered a complete loss before defeating Sion at Vaduz

CC suffered a complete loss before defeating Sion at Vaduz

Shock for Sion President Christian Constantin on Friday evening before the difficult walk to Vaduz on Sunday. Blick reader submits photos of CC’s fully wrecked Ferrari. What happened on the mountain road between Martigny and Les Mar├ęcottes VS on Friday at 5 pm? CC zu Blick: “A guy in a Peugeot with French license plates suddenly turns into a curve – and hits me directly. It was tough!”

CC said he was lucky in an accident and survived a pain in his shoulders. Thanks to the airbags. His sales manager in the engineering office gets a scratch above his eye. “Then the Frenchman told the police he was turning around a lot here, which is why he didn’t see the next turn … No wonder. He had 1.39 per thousand.”

Ferrari junk. This leaves an orange Lamborghini in which he will drive the CC shocking landing at Vaduz on Sunday. The news from the team before the match is also bad. Neither the playmaker Luca Clemenza nor the striker Jared Khas, whom CC had hoped to get, were fit at the right time. “It’s getting complicated. We still have a lot of injuries. Vaduz is in a good mood. If Vaduz wins, Sion is six points behind Liechtenstein and has one leg in the Challenge League.”

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