June 17, 2024

'A good start race': the quad quad can easily reach the European Championship Finals

‘A good start race’: the quad quad can easily reach the European Championship Finals

Tailored German double paddle start with Democratic Republic of the Congo rower Carlotta Nougid at the European Championships in Varese, Italy: the team with 25-year-old Hanover, Franziska Kampmann (Waltrop), Frida Hammerling (Kiel) and the bow woman won Daniela Schultz (Potsdam) Confidently lunchtime Friday with her win from start to finish. With strong moves at the start, the quartet immediately put itself ahead of the competition.


In the end, the double-paddle with the DRC woman was four seconds ahead of the closest chasers from Poland. And so the Nougide boat entered the European Championship Finals on Sunday afternoon.

“A good race to start with,” said Nougade coach Torsten Zimmer, but warned: “The rowers from Great Britain were also very strong.” The British Strong Woman surprisingly won the other race with the same clarity. Due to the pandemic, rowing women from Great Britain had not competed internationally for a year. When they returned, they immediately deceived the defending champion from the Netherlands.

The quadruple belt should be in recoil

The four-wheeler with hitter Janka Kersten had to leave the competition before the half-turn. The 23-year-old rower and her team are now counting on their second chance in the Hope Race on Saturday to reach the Final A on Sunday.

This final Sunday engagement is already confirmed for the eighth time with beating Mary Catherine Arnold (HRC) and Frake Hundelling (Democratic Republic of the Congo), because only six countries have scored teams in the boat class. In the so-called track distribution race on Friday, the eighth did not convince. Arnold & Co. was the last to reach the end, and we now have to hope that the cards will be modified in the final.

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“Our season preparations were not designed to deliver the best performances at the European Championships,” Arnold had previously softened expectations. Only in May in the regatta after qualifying for the Olympic Games will the eighth attack be in the direction of Tokyo.