July 16, 2024

England.  British Prime Minister Sunak advises against the use of cluster munitions

England. British Prime Minister Sunak advises against the use of cluster munitions

Prime Minister of Great Britain Rishi Sunak arrived at Spencer House for Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch’s anniversary. Photo: Victoria Jones/PA Wire/dpa


Britain maintains its opposition to cluster munitions. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Saturday in response to the US announcement that it would supply Ukraine with the controversial munitions. “The UK has signed a convention banning the manufacture or use of cluster munitions – and we advise against using them,” Sunak told Sky News during a campaign appearance in Selby, northern England.

The Conservative politician said Britain would continue to do its part to help Ukraine fight Russia’s “illegal and unfounded invasion”. This has already happened with the transfer of battle tanks and long-range weapons to Kiev. The upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius (July 11 and 12) will include detailed discussions with allies on how to increase support for Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden is expected to visit the UK on Monday as a stopover on his way to Vilnius. Besides the conversation with Chung in London, there is also a meeting with King Charles III. on the program at Windsor.

Cluster munitions are rockets and shells that detonate in mid-air at a target, scattering many small explosives. It is controversial above all because a significant part of it is not erupted, but remains duds on site, thus putting the population at risk. Like more than 100 other countries, Germany has joined the treaty banning cluster munitions – known as the Oslo Convention. Like Ukraine, the United States has not signed the treaty.

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