September 30, 2023

Monkey on a Bike and Hannah Asyl are the wild card team

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From: Josh Grossman

The wild card team for the new Season 7 vs. Wild has finally been decided. Monkey on a bike and Hannah Asyl come to Canada.

Canada – All bets are set for 7 vs Wild. Fritz Meinecke announced the winners of the two wild cards on YouTube – and immediately made another decision. A third wild card winner and another participant sit on the bench. We show you the wild card winners for the third season of 7 vs. Wild and explain what the third wild card is all about.

title 7 vs Wild Season 3
Chapters I do not know
Production Fritz Meineke
As a participant 14
Type Survival Challenge, Bushcraft, Wilderness
form YouTube web series

7 vs. Wild: These are the wild card winners – Hannah Asyl and Monkey on the Bike

Winners are determined by: Fritz Meinecke Season 3 of 7 vs. Ever since the rules for Wild were explained, fans have been eagerly awaiting the participants’ pledges. With the wildcard winners announced, all participants (and even the 8th team) are now confirmed. On YouTube, the creator of the survival show reveals the two contestants who will make the final team in 7 vs. Wild.

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7 vs. Wild: Wild card winners decided – Fritz Meinecke brings a surprise 8th team © YouTube: Fritz Meinecke/7 vs. Wild/Imago (Montage)

But that’s not all: With more than 1,700 uses visible on YouTube under the hashtag #7vswildcard, Fritz Meinecke couldn’t help himself. He has picked a third wild card winner to come to Canada, who at least makes all the arrangements. This is the third wildcard winner:

  • John Long

    According to Fritz Meinecke, Jan 7 vs. Submitted an excellent application for Wild. The 25-year-old from Essen dared to jump from a height of 14 meters in total darkness – Meinecke paid tribute to this courage with an unusual appointment. John Lange is definitely in demand among fans and they look forward to it for his wild nature.
  • Click here for Jan Lange’s resume on YouTube
  • John Lange on Instagram

How does the third wildcard work? John Long will feature on the substitutes’ bench. Now there are 14 permanent participants, absent due to illness and more thinkable until suspension. If one of the candidates fails, John can step in.

7 vs. Wild: Third wild card and eighth team – Fritz Meinecke brings Dave to Canada

2 failures? When the participant did not want to participate without his own partner, Fritz Meinecke came up with something: another substitute bench participant who would form a team with Jan Lange if an entire team was eliminated. YouTuber DAVE will be there for all the work steps anyway, so he can step in in case of an emergency.

  • Dave

    The YouTuber has contributed to previous seasons of 7 vs. Wild and has also brought exciting behind-the-scenes series. Dave Heinrichs is also heading into his third season and could participate himself if another team jumps at the last minute.
  • DAVE on YouTube
  • DAVE on Instagram
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The third wildcard and DAVE are considered regular participants until suspension. This means they will participate in all preparations, training and presentations. So, in preparation for Season 3, specifically the first episode of Suspension, we’re going to see DAVE and JAN.

Along with the newly announced pro team for 7 vs. Wild, two women and alternates, all the participants of 7 vs. Wild are now known. Before departure, Affe auf Bike, Hannah Assil, Jan Lange or even DAVE will make videos and vlogs about their products. Monitor your favorite social media channels. The wild cards in 7 vs. Wild have a tough time, so the women’s team needs to prepare well.