July 12, 2024

eMobility Update: Ford F-150 Coming to Europe / HiPhi E-SUV from China / Battery Factory in Canada

eMobility Update: Ford F-150 Coming to Europe / HiPhi E-SUV from China / Battery Factory in Canada

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Welcome to the “eMobility Upgrade”! Here are the news and highlights on electromobility at the start of this new week: Human Horizons brings e-SUV to Europe ++ VW subsidiary builds Gigafactory in Canada State funding for electric cars ++ and battery raw materials ++

#1 – Human Horizons Launches E-SUV HiPhi Y

Chinese carmaker Human Horizons unveiled the third model of its electric car brand HiPhi at Auto China in Shanghai and announced more details about the launch in Europe. The third model is called HiPhi Y and is made for global markets. According to the application for approval in China, the new SUV will be cheaper than the previous two Stormers, with prices ranging from around 53,000 to 66,000 euros.

#2 – PowerCo builds 90 GWh battery factory in Canada

Volkswagen announced more details about the battery factory in Canada in March. In St. Thomas, the largest VW cell factory to date will be built by subsidiary PowerCo. In the future, 3,000 employees will produce 90 gigawatt hours of battery cells per year.

#3 – Ford F-150 Lightning Coming to Europe

Ford now offers its F-150 Lightning in Europe — at least in one country. Norway, the e-mobility model country, will be the first country outside the United States to serve as the starting point for the global rollout of the F-150 Lightning. Anyone who wants to secure one of the first electric pickups out there can apply for a limited edition version.

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#4 – Sodium-ion cells in electric cars by 2023

According to a media report, both CATL and BYD are looking to use sodium-ion batteries in their electric series cars this year. However, it will initially be a hybrid of sodium-ion and lithium-ion batteries.

#5 – German state funding for battery raw materials

The German federal government wants to set up a state fund worth up to 2 billion euros. It is intended to finance the mining and production of critical raw materials, for example the batteries of electric cars.

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