May 18, 2024

Prince Harry: Terribly Missing Britain

Prince Harry A strong nostalgia for his native Great Britain

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In fact, Prince Harry has what he dreamed of in life: a strong and attractive wife, two beautiful children and a comfortable home far from the monarchy and the British press. But a friend of Duchess Meghan reveals the royal is still homesick.

As of 2020, Prince Harry, 38, lives with his family in Montecito, California. Together with his wife Duchess Meghan, 41, the royal has made a new home away from his old life. A dreamlike scene for the son of a native king, one would think. Finally freeing himself from the tight ropes of the monarchy, he carved out a free life for himself and his little family – free from the restrictions of the crown and the relentless harassment of the press. If it weren’t for this gentle pain, this repeated stabbing in his heart bothers him. Harry was nostalgic.

Prince Harry loves California but longs for Britain

The sunshine, the palm trees, the sense of freedom. The Duke of Sussex has found his paradise. One thing still doesn’t seem to let him go: nostalgia for his roots. “Harry is definitely finding his groove and feels more comfortable in California, but he misses his home,” Danielle Martin reveals in an interview with “People.” The makeup artist is very close to Meghan and helped create an unforgettable look at the former actress’ wedding to the prince in May 2018. The Duchess trusts him and has known him since 2011 when they first met on the set of Suites in Toronto, Canada. A working relationship turned into a friendship. So it’s no surprise that Martin shares little in Sussex’s emotional world.

Family, home and friends

Harry has already admitted to being emotional in the last episode of his Netflix documentary: “I miss the weird family gatherings at certain times of the year when somehow we all get together under one roof,” he admits. “I was in Britain because I was part of the company,” he says, suddenly almost maudlin: “So I miss Britain, I miss my friends”.

In a March 2021 interview with US talk show host Oprah Winfrey, 69, she didn’t allow such sentiments. At the time, the royal spoke publicly for the first time about his much-noticed departure from royal duties, about leaving Great Britain as an escape, and a fresh start for himself, his wife and then-younger. Prince Archie, 3, in the US. “I enjoy being outside where I can walk with Archie, we walk as a family and with the dogs. We go hiking or go to the nearest beach.” The smell of freedom gave a new light to the king’s son, who was almost crushed by the burden of the crown.

Harry thrived in his new surroundings: an airy, modern nine-bedroom property with a pool and tennis court, leaving the renovation-heavy, tiny Frogmore Cottage in the English rain. Weekend polo matches in glorious Californian weather beat English matches in the mud with his friends. Yet even a prince disillusioned with family and homeland cannot deny his feelings. Although Montecito is his “happy place”, Great Britain remains Harry’s place of nostalgia.

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