May 18, 2024

Alessa-Catriona Pröpster pacifies in Canada

A few weeks ago the second World Cup season took place in Cairo (Egypt). There Probster made his first World Cup podium at the Keirin, finishing third. Now things got down to business in Canada – Germany’s only starter in the short fields was the teenager.

The Olympic champion is left behind

In qualifying for the sprint at Milton, Probster finished third out of 30 starters. However, the competitive journey came to an end in the sprint after the quarter-final. The 22-year-old was eliminated in two heats by Mexico’s Luz Daniela Coxiola Gonzalez. In the end it was enough to finish sixth in the women’s sprint against the woman.

Keir’s races were on Sunday’s show. In a field of 31 participants, almost the entire world elite was at the start. The best sprinters from Germany and France were the only ones not there as they took a break from the competition. Already in the first race, the young man swung brilliantly and won in front of the Olympic champion Kelsey Mitchell, so he had to reconsider. Probster also performed well in the semi-finals and finished second, meaning the final.

In a strong final, the 22-year-old sprung a big surprise, making a bang. Driving from fourth place, Probster showed a bold and energetic drive in a field of six participants. On the fourth lap of six, he took the lead and defended his lead until the end. Thus, the young man overtook the Colombian Martha Pineda Payona and the English Katie Marchand. As the World Cups form part of Olympic qualification in Paris in 2024, a first World Cup win is a big step in the right direction again.

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“Alessa was very strong in Milton, very good in the sprint and very good in the Cairn,” praised national coach Jan van Eijden.