EA SPORTS PGA TOUR – Title Update 2.0 released

Since the release of EA SPORTS PGA TOUR on April 7, the development team has listened carefully to the community and applied their feedback to the game. Major Update 2.0 includes several improvements such as quick presentation settings, green grid changes, bug fixes, UI updates, PC problem fixes, new content, and more. In addition, the three-click swing is now included in the game. This gameplay mechanic has always been part of the development plan.

The team is now excited to be able to make this alternate control method available to players. Full patch notes are available here.

Highlights from the patch notes:

  • Perform a three-click swing.
  • New display settings:
    • Quick Play: Automatically overrides player and track reactions to put it into a faster view
    • Barometer: Show/hide barometer.
    • Key Tips: Hide the tips at the bottom of the screen while playing
  • Green net improvements: To improve ball visibility and respond to player feedback, the green net now quickly fades after a shot.
  • Improved accuracy on the green to help the ball roll more accurately on the green (including the Augusta 16th hole).
  • Add computer mouse support.
  • Camera fixes: For unplayable animations when the camera is not in ball view.
  • New Hole Size: The holes are now sized to match the 1:1 physics model and the ball no longer rolls at the time it should have landed in the hole.
  • Players now receive regular updates via a unified messaging system across the content area of ​​the main menu.
  • Shot type screen has been added to the pause menu to explain all types of shots.
  • Added store content such as hats, shoes, drivers, and more.
  • An illustration of shot types has been added to the pause menu.
  • Fixed online issues: Leaving the event info screen during a countdown would load players in the wrong lane for the next match.

Developed by EA Orlando and EA Madrid, EA SPORTS PGA TOUR is available worldwide for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC via the EA App, Steam and Epic Games Store.

More information is available at Official instructions on the site and higher TwitterAnd FacebookAnd Instagram And Youtube.

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