Sonos Era 300: All-new Atmos speakers that are nearly 10 percent cheaper

Sonos has come up with a great idea for their all-new Era WiFi speakers. From Dolby Atmos to Bluetooth to line connectivity: a variety of functions put the flagship Era 300 at the top of its catalog. While the Era 300 alone is hardly reduced, there are actually two Era 300s in a cheaper package:

Sonos Era 300: Atmos, Bluetooth, and more

Sonos introduced two new soundbars, the Era 300 and Era 100. Its flagship model, the Era 300, is a big step forward: the WiFi speaker comes with support for 3D audio formats, so you can listen to Dolby Atmos tracks from Amazon Enjoy Music Unlimited and Apple Music . But that also has advantages for home cinema: Until now, you could only use the Dolby Atmos soundbar from Sonos, the Arc, with two Sonos Ones as rear speakers. They do not support Dolby Atmos and they do not have a height channel. The Era 300 is different: It’s the first Sonos soundbar with high-performance woofers and side drivers, promising a more immersive home cinema experience.

The Era 300 is Sonos’ first battery-free Bluetooth speaker. It also has line connections. With the right adapter, you can connect external sources such as your cell phone or even a record player.

This is what we loved about the Age of 300 — and less:

  • Good sound with Dolby Atmos tracks
  • bluetooth connection
  • Improved user interface
  • Trueplay room measurement now also with Android
  • little expensive
  • The USB-C interface can only be used with an adapter
  • Only the best audio with Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music
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Of course, the new speakers have not yet been discounted individually. At HiFi Klubben there is already a discount if you buy two speakers at the same time.

Conclusion: Buying the Sonos Era 300 Now?

Already have a Sonos speaker at home and looking for the best rear speakers? Then the Sonos Era 300 is for you. It supports the Sonos Arc with height channels and Dolby Atmos capabilities and makes a really good home cinema system, especially with the Sonos Sub.

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