July 12, 2024

E-bike manufacturer on the brink of collapse?  After the sale is closed, bankruptcy follows

E-bike manufacturer on the brink of collapse? After the sale is closed, bankruptcy follows

The e-bike company could be facing the ultimate end. First of all, sales were stopped in Germany, and now an insolvency application follows.

Dutch e-bike maker Vanmoof recently suspended sales of its bikes. Customers who visit the website and want to check out an e-bike will see a popup that says “We have paused sales to keep up with production and delivery of current orders.”

Vanmoof continues: “Don’t worry – this won’t affect the service. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when sales resume.” Not only are e-bikes affected by the sales freeze, accessories can’t be ordered at the moment either.

Like the company now writes on redditVanMoof must now file for bankruptcy in the Netherlands. However, the markets in Germany, Taiwan, the United States, Japan, France and the United Kingdom were not affected.

E-bike sales hold: Vanmoof blames capacity issues

Vanmoof has abruptly suspended the sale of its e-bikes and filed for bankruptcy in the Netherlands.

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While customers on social networks complain about long delivery times for riders who have already ordered them and others also report problems getting their e-bikes fixed, there has been speculation about VanMoof’s financial situation for some time.

Meanwhile, German customers will have to be content with the information scattered on the site and be patient. Buying e-bikes should be possible again once “capacity is in line with demand again”.

Vanmoof was founded in 2009 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. According to their own information, about 150,000 people rode Vanmoof e-bikes in the first 10 years.

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