July 15, 2024

Dream job: lying in bed watching Netflix with an annual salary of €28,000

Dream job: lying in bed watching Netflix with an annual salary of €28,000

A company is looking for new employees – they actually do nothing. Except for lying in bed watching Netflix. A dream job makes really good money for this.

England – You hear about it sometimes, but only a few have enjoyed it: your dream job. A job so good and so much fun that you would actually do it for free, but then get paid, if only for doing a favor to the employer.

The company is looking for employees to sleep and watch Netflix for 28,000 euros a year

But this job is really a dream job, in a double sense. Because not only will lazy eaters and Netflix addicts find their seventh heaven here, sleepy people can also get paid to lie down more often, sleep and dream of something more beautiful – if there ever was one.

Lying in bed for hours watching Netflix and making good money? Maybe. (icon image)

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Crafted Beds is looking for new employees who are enthusiastic and ready to test what may be the world’s most comfortable home office like mattress testers. The weekly working time is 37.5 hours for human, thus still providing enough time for a comfortable sleep unit after work. After all, you should be able to turn it off after a long day of work full of tidy and Netflix*. The latter is not only invited by Crafted Beds, but is seen almost as a requirement to indulge in the broadcast program. However, you have to pay for this yourself.

Test the mattress at home 37.5 hours a week – enough time to watch Netflix

Every week a new mattress is tested. You can earn the equivalent of €28,440 per year – that’s €2370 per month. Not a bad deal. Also because there is enough exciting material on Netflix, for example the new Netflix documentary about Michael Schumacher*. The series is also a must watch “Squid Game”, the most successful Netflix series of all time*. Horror series is also very good for marathon series “The Walking Dead”, which will soon become the eleventh season on Netflix* sound.

€2,800 to lie in bed and watch Netflix: but a dream job has a payoff

But things have a trick. Two actually. The first is that work is not just about lying and lazying. In fact, you have to write a testimonial for each mattress and tell the business owner whether the mattress tested is good enough for sale. For the King of Absentee, the guy who took a salary for 15 years without working, that would definitely be a deal breaker. Instead of turning his back, a rude booth owner stole a lottery ticket from his client – so he probably doesn’t have his dream job.

If the prospect of having to work doesn’t stop you from applying, you need to be very strong now. Because the job ad comes from England, where a Tory politician has just been murdered by a knife attack, and it only targets people who also live in the UK. annoying. And soon the dream ended. or just moving. *24hamburg.deand Kreiszeitung.de and tz.de View from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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