Dr. Gutsch & Schlegel warns of Pink Floyd trademark infringement

We currently have another warning from Hamburg attorneys Gutsch & Schlegel to review. The customer is Pink Floyd (1987) Ltd, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The intent of the warning is trademark infringement of the “Pink Floyd” trademark. According to its information, Pink Floyd (1987) Ltd owns the rights to the EU trademark “Pink Floyd”. This must include class 14 protection.

The person who was warned is said to have offered a coin marked “Pink Floyd” for sale on Ebay. However, this has not been published, licensed or put into circulation by Pink Floyd (1987) Ltd.

A cease-and-desist declaration subject to criminal prosecution is required in addition to the information and destruction. Moreover, claims for damages and reimbursement of expenses have been confirmed. A claim for €1,804.90 (value in dispute €50,500) for expenses alone has been confirmed.

Whether and to what extent the warnings are warranted always requires examination of the individual case. Especially when it comes to products from music groups, customers tell us time and time again that they have bought products in regular stores.

Our recommendation when receiving a warning from lawyers Gutsch & Schlegel

  • keep calm
  • Do not contact the other party
  • Observe deadlines
  • Do not pay or sign without verification
  • Hiring a Trademark Lawyer

We are happy to help with words and deeds. We have experience of several thousand warnings. Dr.’s office Schenk – Specialists in Trademark Law. We already know attorneys Gotsch and Schlegel from other proceedings.

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