December 1, 2023

Scouts look to Federal Camp

Scouts look to Federal Camp

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30,000 Scouts are looking forward to the Federal Camp

Summer vacation is almost here and that also means: Summer at camp starts soon! A very special event for Scouts this year with Federal Camp.

Scouts are looking forward to the next Federal Camp in Goms.

Photo: Jan Thoma/PD

In just over three weeks, the summer holidays for children and youth will begin in central Switzerland. For many of them, this means enjoying eventful weeks of adventure at a summer camp. Our newspaper would also like to be there up close. In this year’s newly designed edition of Camp Wire, we’re once again showing you the best telegrams, photos, and more from summer camps in central Switzerland.

A special event awaits members of the Scouts this year. From July 23 to August 6, the National Camp of the Swiss Scout Movement will be held in Gomes in the canton of Valais – a major event that takes place only every 14 years. About 30,000 Scouts gather under the slogan “mova – on y va”. Together with Scouts Tarantula and Vinci, they must help the animals living in the “mova” to reunite their seven continents Volvor, Eniti, Ballavi, Labi, Statera, Salit and Oscilla.

Federal Camp Media Officer Anja Walker asserts that “Federal Camp is of course a highlight in every Scout career.” And not just because you rarely come across a lot of Scouts in one place. Also, 300 scouts from the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Serbia, Belgium, Italy and the United States of America are taking part in the national camp. “We are very pleased to be able to create an international exchange between Scouts in this way,” Walker explains. It is a tradition that the Federal Camp also hosts guests from abroad.

Planning has been going on for years

Such a large project is of course associated with a similar amount of effort: “The first work started about four years ago,” says Anya Walker.

“We’ve been working very intensively on the preparations for two years.”

“We” means about 500 volunteers working on a voluntary basis. The budget of the organizers is 25 million Swiss francs. Half of this comes from the contributions of camp participants. 25 percent comes from the sale of merchandise, and the remaining 25 percent is funded by sponsorship contributions and in-kind donations.

For the first time, the federal camp is not organized into several sub-camps, but on one large common site. While all about 30,000 Scouts set up their camps in the same place, individual Scout groups still have their own program — “after all, it would be a bit difficult to plan activities for 30,000 Scouts,” Walker says. However, in the opening and closing ceremonies of week one and two, all the scouts gather in one place, ensuring an unforgettable spectacle.

Assistants wanted

Of course, not only scouts are many, but also helpers. It is said that about 5,000 were on duty during the camp. Helpful hands are still needed, especially for the fit-out which will begin on July 2 and will take about three weeks, as well as dismantling after the end of camp. Anyone wishing to help can register here:

Not only will Scout camps be a little different this year: the camp network is also evolving in its 47th edition. Again, you can find all the telegrams, photos and videos from the Swiss Central Schools and Club Camps online at In the newspaper, we present you with a selection of the best telegrams and photos, as well as other exciting content about the summer camp. In addition, our annual photography competition is held again.

To sign up for Camp Wire, go here. The registration deadline is June 30, 2022.

All those interested have the opportunity to visit the Federal Scout Camp and immerse themselves in the unique world of ‘MOFA’. Tickets are available here: (Automatic access is not possible).

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