April 25, 2024

Donald Trump praises Melania's ornament and keeps Christmas in his hand

Donald Trump praises Melania’s ornament and keeps Christmas in his hand

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After the vote to remove him from office, Donald Trump continues to gain media attention. On the other hand, almost every assertion seems to be true for him.

USA – For Donald Trump it was a trip to familiar territory. The former US president met with the far-right TV station Newsmax TV for an interview with Mike Huckabee. The two older white men sat together on two older chairs at a noble table in a parlor-like room. There they talked about the old days and the bad new age.

There, accompanied by piano music, Donald Trump was able to talk about his achievements in four years of the presidency. According to the 75-year-old former President of the United States, there were quite a few. But above all, there is one thing: Donald Trump saved Christmas.

Donald Trump Saves Christmas Because He ‘Promised the People’

Back in the day, in the days before Joe Biden and Barack Obama and everything that “wake up” happened, people in the United States said “Happy Birthday.” But suddenly it stopped. Newsmax complained: ‚ÄúPeople just say ‘Happy Holidays,’ and Donald Trump replied, ‘That was part of my campaign. At the time, it was embarrassing for entrepreneurs to say Happy Birthday. They wanted your money, but they didn’t want to wish you a happy birthday. They used red, white, and snow, but they didn’t want to say that.”

But then came Donald Trump. He said that as early as 2015, when he started running for president, his main concern was getting people to say Merry Christmas again. “I promised people,” Trump said on Newsmax TV. “And now people are saying it again.” By the way, this applies not only to birthday greetings. People in the United States didn’t use the names of past presidents like George Washington (1st), Thomas Jefferson (third), and Abraham Lincoln (16th) until Donald Trump (45th). By that time, their names had been “erased”. “But I tell you: We got it back quickly.”

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Donald Trump Brings Back ‘Happy Birthday’

The reason this happened so quickly may be due to the fact that at no point did they stop saying “Merry Christmas” in the States. But in recent years, the logo has been expanded to include the addition of “Happy Holidays.” Examples include a song by the popular boy band N’Sync, and then Justin Timberlake’s song “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.”

In fact, a kind of cultural battle over terminology has arisen in the United States in recent years. While one originally wished people (mostly Christians) who celebrate Christmas “Merry Christmas”, the phrase “Happy Holidays” has been used in conversations with other groups (Jews, Muslims or Hindus). In the meantime, the use is no longer dependent on the addressee, but on the sender. “The primary function of both salutations is now to distinguish the speaker. They serve as identification tags for a particular group,” says Melissa Moore, linguist and author of the book in a guest contribution on NBC’s website.

Donald Trump praises Melania Trump, but his memory plays a trick on him

After all the talk about our accomplishments, things are back in reflection again at Newsmax. Moderator Huckabee asked how he, Donald Trump, would celebrate Christmas with his family. Completely different, so the answer. He was very nice in New York, and there was also a party in Washington, D.C. His wife, Melania Trump, has done a “terrific job” decorating the White House for the festival for the past four years. She did an excellent job. “Even the ultra-liberal media gave it good reviews!”

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But then Donald Trump seems to be playing a memory trick. Melania Trump’s bloody Christmas trees have caused heads to shake at best, and a Trump Christmas card has been revealed as a photo montage. The First Lady herself revealed in a phone call to her then-boyfriend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff that she couldn’t get out of Christmas anyway. Melania asked at the time, “Who cares about the Christmas stuff?” Answer: Her husband who saved the party himself. (Daniel Dillman)