May 27, 2024

Duchess Meghan: Spotted!  Here she is walking around in Montecito

Duchess Meghan: Spotted! Here she is walking around in Montecito

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Spotted on a shopping tour in Montecito

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It seems Duchess Meghan is in the mood for the holidays with a shopping spree. She was seen shopping at various stores in Montecito.

Duchess Meghan, 40, and Prince Harry, 37, are said to have no plans to travel to the UK for Christmas. They are supposed to celebrate the meditative festival in close family circles with their two children Archie, 2, and Lilipet Diana, 8 months, in their adopted home. Of course, there are still all kinds of errands to be done. It now appears that the Duchess of Sussex is taking care of this herself, as she wanders by herself in Montecito stores in California, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Duchess Meghan: seen on a shopping spree

Many wealthy residents of the posh coastal community of Montecito have helpers scavenge for Christmas presents at local stores, but it seems Duchess Meghan prefers to do so herself. employment The Daily Mail’s photoMeghan can be seen wandering the shops in a brown woolen coat by Massimo Dutti. She also wears the mandatory face mask and sunglasses.

At the unveiling of the statue of Diana

The newspaper reported that she visited Pierre Lafond & Co., which sells everything from groceries to shorts to purses. The 40-year-old got out of the car she was driving and headed to the gifts and furnishings department of Pierre Lafond. Close to their heels: a bodyguard. Soon it was said that she went out again with two bags. The bodyguard is said to have carried a blanket folded into a plastic bag. After that, they quickly stowed the purchases in the back seat and took Megan to the car.

long walk

Meghan’s shopping spree didn’t end with a store visit. Because then he went to Poppy’s children’s clothing store, where she searched the boys’ and girls’ sections before looking at the items for sale—it seemed like the Duchess was on the hunt for a bargain.

However, she only spends about five minutes there, before she goes to Hudson Grace’s furniture store and finally appears again with her head bowed to check her cell phone. The bodyguard quickly escorted Meghan to a car that was waiting for her to return, presumably home, where she stopped shopping at the last two stores.

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