February 28, 2024

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Omicron: France closes public opinion to the British

Large sentences are often added to large figures, which is why no one but Napoleon Bonaparte was the first to argue about “geography as fate”. Whether that is true or not (Napoleon indisputably understood much about the subject after Russia): These days the UK feels more and more that its very existence as an island is also its destiny.

France has now imposed travel restrictions on residents of the kingdom without warning and in the event of a severe cold, because the Omicron variant is breaking all records on the island. So periods of testing and quarantine are imposed, and trips at Christmas time and especially to the ski areas or vacation home in Provencal become unattractive or even impossible. France hopes foreclosure will save time and give it a control advantage. But this is also part of the truth: the infection rate in Great Britain is very high because many more cases of the disease are determined by the origin of the virus. This is how the Omikron variant is frequently identified. France will not be able to hide from this alternative either. no one can.

In the second winter, for example, what has already been practiced is repeated many times: the borders are closed, the shutters are off, and false security is pretended. Great Britain is the first to suffer because the country is wonderfully closed, and above all, because France, which has been traumatized by Brexit, sees no reason to reconcile after the Fishing Dispute and the Northern Ireland Dispute. Political relations no longer dictate negotiations of an amicable settlement, Great Britain is an island politically and geographically. With nearly 80,000 new infections a day, the Paris decision adds a dangerous message to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. On an island he can feel lonely very quickly.

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