May 22, 2024

DISCOVERED WHILE WALKING THE DOG: A Frenchman found a 70-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton

Damian Bochetto (left) shared the dinosaur discovery on Instagram and celebrated it with his friends.


While walking his dog, Damian Bochetto stumbled upon an almost completely preserved dinosaur skeleton: the giant lizard bones are 70 million years old. The animal was the size of a bus.

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  • In France, a dog owner on a walk made a startling discovery: an almost completely preserved dinosaur skeleton.
  • The 70-million-year-old bones formed the skeleton of the so-called titanosaur, and the lizard was one of the largest animals ever.
  • The dinosaur has now found its way to the museum and the discoverer now wants to become a paleontologist himself.

“It happened on a morning like any other, during an ordinary walk,” this is how Frenchman Damien Bocheteau described it, according to “Bild.” Reverse He told ABC News about the amazing discovery he made while walking his dog, Muffin. In the forests of Montolier in southern France, Bocheteau and his four-legged friend stumble upon an extremely rare 70 million-year-old dinosaur fossil. The dinosaur specimen belongs to a group of the largest animals that ever inhabited the Earth.

While walking, the 25-year-old noticed huge bones sticking out of a rock wall. “The area around Croze is rich in fossils of dinosaurs and other species that lived at the same time,” says explorer Bochetto.

A twelve-metre-long dinosaur

Then the excavations continued for two years. The archaeological team maintained the confidentiality of the site throughout the excavation period to prevent theft and damage. Finally, an almost complete skeleton of a titanosaur was uncovered, and a long neck was a characteristic of this massive species.

Brachiosaurus belongs to the titanosaur family.  This is what it might look like.  (icon image)
Brachiosaurus belongs to the titanosaur family. This is what it might look like. (icon image)

Photo: Panther Media/Corey Ford

To visualize the dimensions of giant animals: the titanosaur's femur alone is two and a half meters long. Overall, the animal was about twelve meters long, resembling a bus.

The prehistoric giant was well protected from predators due to its enormous size. In addition, the long-necked giant easily reached the leaves of treetops when searching for food.

Extremely rare find

Skeletal discoveries of this size are extremely rare in France and throughout Europe. “They were fallen bones, so they were isolated. After a few days of digging, we realized they were connected bones,” Bochetto explained.

That's how massive the titanosaur's cervical vertebrae were.
That's how massive the titanosaur's cervical vertebrae were.


The skeleton of the giant dinosaur can now be seen in the museum and can be viewed in Crozey, France. His discoverer Bochetto now wants to retrain him: he previously worked at an energy company, but has since quit. He is now studying paleontology and aims to get a job at the museum himself.