Dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus rex had scaly lips

if tyrannosaurus rex When he closed his mouth, his teeth were no longer visible – thin, scaly lips completely covering the teeth. A work group led by Robert Resch of the University of Toronto Mississauga reached this conclusion based on dental examinations and anatomical comparisons of theropods with lizards and their crocodile relatives. Crocodile teeth are clearly visible even when the mouth is closed, and predatory dinosaurs are usually depicted with protruding teeth – lizards, on the other hand, have lips that cover the teeth. The team also now reports in Science.The proportions of the teeth of predatory dinosaurs, despite their often gigantic size, are more similar to those of monitor lizards than to crocodiles. In addition, dinosaur teeth lack the damage that often occurs in crocodiles due to their location outside the mouth.

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