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from: George Grodinsky

At Bürger-Uni last winter semester there was a speaking tour of art on campus. © Monica Mueller

Goethe University publishes its new undergraduate program for citizens. The program offers, among others, a poetry lecture with the author Clemens Seitz and events on the occasion of the anniversary of Bolskirchen.

How do scientists study the climate of the past? How can a new generation of AI such as Chat-GTP be a product for teaching in schools and universities? F: Have new forms of citizen engagement delivered on the promises of past decades?

With lectures on these and other questions, Bürger-Uni enables the city’s community to participate in Goethe University’s research. The dialogue between citizens and science aims to remind people that the people of Frankfurt founded the university themselves in 1914 as a foundation university.

For exchange, the educational institution often moves away from its campus to interesting places in the city. Frankfurt residents are also welcome to explore the university. The summer semester program ranges from interdisciplinary forensic case studies on the romantic Ludwig Tieck to insights into modern cardiology and oncology counseling.

Numerous events on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the National Assembly in Frankfurt: the Frankfurt Film Festival, for example, is dedicated to the theme “Democracy, Conflict and Conflict”, the lecture series “1848 in Perspective” examines the role of religion in critical situations of unrest and another lecture series examines the “Bolskirche The edifice of democracy.

Noted writer and author Clemens Seitz will also speak at the Frankfurt Poetry Lecture in May. His lectures are accompanied by a student exhibition in the university library and a reading in the Frankfurt Literature House.

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program On the web at: www.buerger.uni-frankfurt.de/

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