June 14, 2024

Difficult referee: Vettel with his back to the wall / Formula 1

Difficult referee: Vettel with his back to the wall / Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel had a tough start to the season. For AlphaTauri head Franz Toast, this is simply the truth: Aston Martin is not good, according to Toast.

Sebastian Vettel clearly imagined that the season opener would be different. It was ranked 15th in Bahrain at the end, but with a massive five penalty points. The German bankruptcy streak continued smoothly at Aston Martin.

AlphaTauri captain Franz Toast hasn’t spoken about the jungle for long in AvD Motor & Sport magazine on Sport1. Above all, he criticized the Vettel car.

She explained: This was not just bad luck, but the current situation.

“You have to give the driver a good car, and in Aston Martin it doesn’t look like a yellowish egg,” Toast said.

There is no doubt about it: the beginning was realistic. “At the time he decided to go to Aston Martin, it was thought he could go further with the new car. The theory is one thing, reality is another. In August, everyone tells you that they want to build the best car. But then there is no confidence in the car or in the team. Toast said, “He can’t win the World Cup with his car, that’s out of the question.”

“The car is not that good. It is very unstable on the rear axle. “If you lean your back against a wall like Vettel, you take more risks,” Toast said.

But he thinks things will get better in the coming weeks and months. “With his experience, he can lead the team forward. Toast said he knows how to win races and world championships. But it is also clear that victories or crowns have to come. “The ratio is optimal when it is successful.”

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Even if Vettel started his Formula 1 career with Toast and Toro Rosso’s team then, the team leader sees his team first. The midfield is tight and “you shouldn’t make mistakes.” So: “You are behind us. I hope you stay that way.”