April 22, 2024

British esports organization Tenstar has announced that it is suspending all operations –

UK-based esports organization Tenstar has announced that it will be suspending all operations and shutting down for a period of time. As in a statement Twitter Said, the organization attributed the decision to a lack of funding and resources, which limited Tenstar’s hopes of operating as a world-class sports team.

“TENSTAR has had remarkable success over the past two years. A disruptive-minded competition organization. While the club had a strong first 12 months, the previous 11 months were incredibly difficult. While the players, coaches, and entire team have been exceptional, the reality of running an esports club that competes at the top Level means that significant resources are needed.

The team also highlighted the challenges of running an esports team in the modern era, citing competing at the highest level in scenes like Rainbow Six: Siege and Valorant because “Protected” from level 1 It’s very difficult.

All of this led to the decision to temporarily close, something the team has also acknowledged will include pending payments to staff and players currently working through it.

Tinstar commented on its plans for the future, adding: “We will return when we are better able to support our teams and staff.”

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