July 14, 2024

Only without Corinne Diacre would France have a chance

Only without Corinne Diacre would France have a chance

It is the third time in a very short period of time that footballers have been so critical of structures within their national teams. After the resignation in September of fifteen Spanish internationals after the European Championships, who are currently unable to play for the national team due to their “emotional and therefore health condition”, the Canadian internationals went on strike for a short period. In the end, this only lasted for a short time because the Canadian Federation was putting tremendous pressure on the players.

Now, with Wendy Rennard, the sheer greatness of women’s soccer has receded in the past 15 years. The Frenchwoman, who, in addition to her participation in many major tournaments, is a record player in the Champions League, announced on Friday that she will no longer play for France due to the “current system” and the lack of requirements in the league. The French Football Federation will accumulate to play at the highest level. “This is a sad day but necessary for my sanity,” the Olympique Lyonnais player shared on social media.

But not only that, because after Renard, Kadidiato Diagne and Marie-Antoinette Catoto finally resigned and also called for changes at the management level. The retirement of three of these high-performance players would have a huge impact on the French team. In less than five months, the World Cup will be held in Australia and New Zealand and without players comparable to the German side with the resignations of Alexandra Pope, Lena Magull and Sara Dabritz.

Without actually saying it, the president of the association, Noel Le Graet, played a major role in the decision of the three French women.

Above all else, trainer Corinne Diacre seems to be a great cause. They have long been known to maintain an authoritarian management style, which is not well received by some players and has often led to internal crises. The relationship is more than strained, especially with Renard, who briefly took the armband away from Diacre in 2017.

Because no football country in the world can be without three world class players like Reynard, Diagne and Katoto. In order to fight for France’s first World Cup title again, there is no way to beat Diacre’s retirement.

The French Football Federation (FFF) responded immediately to the players’ statements and said that no one is above Équipe de France.

On the one hand, this looks like a hasty ignorance of the criticism expressed, and on the other hand, like a contradiction in terms. Because apparently, with Diacre, an individual stands above the national team. This puts France alongside Spain and Canada, putting sporting success behind.


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