December 2, 2023

"Canada - Traveling Literature" on ARTE in Live and TV: Episode 4 of the Cultural Documentary

Did you miss ‘Canada – Literature on the Way’ Sunday at Arte?: A repeat of the cultural documentary online and on TV

On Sunday (November 7, 2021) appeared on TV “Canada – Literature on the way”. When and where you can watch the cultural document with “light” as a repetition, whether on TV only or digitally in the media library, read here on

Canada – Traveling literature in arti
Photo: Aarti, transmitted by FUNKE Guides

On Sunday (November 7, 2021) “Canada – Literature in Motion” was shown on TV at 12:40 pm. You missed the cultural documentary on TV and still wanted to watch Episode 4 of Season 1 (“The Light”)? Take a look at artMedia library. This offers many online TV contributions as video-on-demand for streaming – also and especially after the respective broadcast on TV. You can usually find the program online after it is broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Unfortunately, there will be no Arte iteration in classic TV for the time being.

‘Canada – Traveling Literature’ on TV: This is what ‘Yacht’ is all about

Canada – endless and deserted, romantically changed to untamed and untouched. The series highlights the country from the point of view of its writers, who grapple fiercely with their country’s self-image, thus opening one of the most exciting chapters in world literature. Primitive elements of Canada show them the way. “Forest”, “stone”, “water” and “light”. (Source: Aarti, quoted by FUNKE magazines)

“Canada – literature on the go” on TV: a snapshot of all the information

episode: 4 / Season 1 (“Fatih”)

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Title: a light

in a: art

year of production: 2020

Long: 30 minutes

in high definition: Yes

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