December 10, 2023

Winfried Kretschmann besucht Großbritannien. Foto: dpa/Bernd Weißbrod

Winfried Kretschmann on trip to Great Britain: PM calls for more aggressive climate protection – Baden-Württemberg

Winfred Kretschmann visits Great Britain. Photo: dpa / Bernd Weißbrod

The Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, has called for more determination in climate protection with a view to negotiations at the World Climate Conference.

Glasgow – “We have to step up our commitment to protecting the climate and do everything we can to move faster and more effectively,” Kretschman said on Sunday during his trip to Great Britain at a meeting of the so-called Under2 Alliance in Glasgow.

Kretschmann: “This is real climate protection from below!”

The state of Baden-Württemberg launched the ambitious International Climate Protection Alliance in 2015 with California and other regions, and according to Kretschmann, it has grown exponentially in the meantime. Today it represents 1.75 billion people from more than 40 countries. “This significant increase in membership shows that self-confidence at the local level in terms of climate protection has increased significantly. This is real climate protection from below!”

Political talks with the Scottish Prime Minister

Kretschmann also met Sunday for political talks with Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Catalan President Pierre Aragon and Andalusian President Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla. On Monday, he wants to open a new representative office for Baden-Württemberg in London. British Minister of State for Economic Affairs Greg Hands and German Ambassador Andreas Michaelis are expected to attend the ceremony. The Southwest already has many other foreign representations, for example in the American city of San Francisco, in India and Israel.

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