October 3, 2023

Did I just forget or am I really crazy? Information about Alzheimer’s disease and co

Georgenberg. “Am I forgetful or am I really crazy? Information about Alzheimer’s disease and co.” Senior community representative, Bianca Crozier, has organized a lecture on this topic on Friday, at 4 p.m., at the Hammerwirt Inn.

Bianca Crozier. Photo: Joseph Belfusek

The speaker is Social Educator BA (FH). Sebastian Schuster. He works at the Coordination Center for Upper Geriatric Psychiatry at Diakonie Sulzbach-Rosenberg. “Every one of us misplaces the front door key from time to time or simply cannot remember the name. Forgetfulness is completely normal. However, there are also diseases that cause our brain to function to decline and our personality to change,” says Schuster.

Information about complex forms of the disease

The lecture provides an overview of the various diseases associated with dementia and, using vivid examples from practice, provides a lot of information about the questions and problems associated with these diseases. “Only if we know as much as possible about complex forms of the disease such as dementia, can we better understand both those affected and ourselves,” explains the expert.

According to Crozier, Schuster’s lecture lasts about two hours. “There are no costs for participants,” points out the senior actor. “There’s coffee, cake and appetizers.”

In order to be able to estimate the number of attendees, you must register by calling the phone number 09658/9139987.

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