June 23, 2024


Despite winning another 3×3 match

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After the bitter departure of the women the day before, men of Austria 3 x 3 have to surrender on Saturday – And that despite their victory in the last group match, in a 19:16 time, against Canada.

Austria was dependent on support from Croatia. However, the Croats had just lost to the Netherlands, thus sealing the Austrian team’s elimination.

Austria v Canada 19:16
Saturday 8:20 pm – “Thunderdome”, Graz main square

The last group match against Canada was a must for Austria’s 3 × 3 men in order to qualify for the quarter-finals, at least in theory. However, the promises before the match were not good, because after the fight against the Netherlands two hours earlier, Fabricio Fey was only able to compete. The big man injured his knee in the fierce match. For the Canadians, it was all about, because if they had lost they would have suddenly slumped behind Austria in the schedule. In the tournament so far, Team Canada has presented itself aggressively and only lost to group dominance Latvia.

At the start of the match, the Canadian Warriors did not allow themselves to be disturbed by the gorgeous background in Thunderdome and after a cautious start both teams advanced to 8: 4 in the middle of the match. Until then, fans had seen a very difficult and not quite pretty match. When Styrian “Momo” Laneger blocked two throws from Canada striker Jordan Jensen White within a few seconds, he jolted his team awake. Shortly thereafter, the captain of the Austrians began cracking Filip-Krämer-Dunk with a precise pass. Suddenly our masters got fully engaged again. Kramer and Fei even hit the Austrians repeatedly in front by throwing distances. Despite their hectic last seconds, they did not abandon it and scored a 19:16 victory.

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Austria finished the group stage in Group D with a score of 2: 2 – just like the Netherlands and Canada. In the three-man group, the point ratio was ultimately in favor of the Dutch, who won the decisive match with 22:16 against Croatia.

Moritz Laniger, captain of Austria: “We had to win to get another chance. The result is now bitter of course. In general, however, we are taking positive things from the tournament. We have shown that we can keep up with the elite in the world. The atmosphere in Graz was amazing. But our season is not over yet. Our next goal.” Is qualifying for the European Championship. “

Austria’s best goalscorer: Creams 6, linewriter 5.

Austria’s men 3 × 3 lose to the Netherlands
Austria’s men 3 × 3 suffered defeat in the fight for the quarter-finals in a duel against the Netherlands. The Dutch played too physically and caused trouble to the homeowners. They also lost a lot of balls and lost 15:17 after an uphill battle. 8:20 PM Canada is the next big hit.

Austria v Holland 15:17
Saturday, 6.15 pm – “Thunderdome”, Grazer Hauptplatz

After the tragic departure of the women on Friday evening, the men of Austria 3 x 3 returned to work on Saturday. Before the match began, similar scenes occurred for the last time before the start of the men’s tournament, when a storm struck Graz shortly before the Austria match. It was hail on Saturday afternoon, in addition to rain. However, the court was covered in Thunderdome in time. When the sun reappeared soon after, nothing stood in the way of the evening basketball show. And Thunderdome was full of rush, as Austria needed two wins in their last two group stage matches in order to progress safely. The Dutch still unbeaten, the first opponent on Saturday, also had to win in order to keep a theoretical chance to rise.

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The pressure to win was immediately evident from both sides. When Philip Kramer stopped the Dutchman’s first throw, Thunderdome was shaken by the crowd’s cheers. Loud defensive calls accompanied the “Orange” attacks. The Dutch, one of the most experienced 3 × 3 teams, did not bother them. In a defensive match, they achieved the score 7: 3 mid-match with a powerful blow from superstar Demio van der Horst. Wake-up call for the Austria team: First, Fabricio Faye’s distance throw over the board, then “Momo” Laneger including a successful finale, before Krämer also used from a distance.

Two minutes before the clock ran out, everything was unlocked again at 1:13 pm. As the game went on, rival teams became increasingly challenging. The result was many mistakes and free throws from both sides. The Dutch kept advancing because the Austrians had made life difficult for themselves by losing the ball unnecessarily. At 15:17, the homeowners still had a chance to send the match into extra time, but they couldn’t get any more throws.

In order to continue playing a role in the fight for an Olympic ticket, the Austrians desperately need to beat Canada (8:20 PM). Then, as was the case yesterday with the 3×3 Austrian women, the math games begin.

Moritz Laniger, captain of Austria: “The Netherlands is one of the best 3 × 3 countries, nobody expected a big win here. In the end, we still had the opportunity, but we didn’t take advantage of it. We didn’t play well, we really want to beat Canada now.”

Matthias Lenurtner, Austria player: “It’s so bitter because we beat the Dutch in the preparations. They were very physical with their stuffiness, and we found it hard. Our hit rates should definitely improve against Canada.”

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Demio van der Horst, Netherlands player: “I am really happy with my first win, but there is still another match ahead of us. It will be a tough game also against Croatia. Thanks to the Dutch fans here.”

Austria’s best goalscorer: Kramer 5, Laneger 4.

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