More games, more money, more gigantism

Big World Cup Trophy Statue: I saw it in Qatar before every World Cup match.
photo: dpa

In 2026 the World Cup will be held in the USA, Mexico and Canada. With 48 teams instead of 32, according to plan, the chances of generating higher revenues increase significantly. The three regulators ask themselves: Are we good enough?

eI don’t feel happy about being fired when bidding for a prestigious sporting event. Then against a competitor who used shady means to influence the voting committee behind the scenes. Despite this, the US Soccer Federation president tried to hide his unease as best he could. the great America Lost to a country that has no football infrastructure, no national team of any importance and a much worse project plan. But Sunil Gulati was at peace with himself. He said, “I think we’ve done everything. There is absolutely no evidence.” Only rumors. They were waiting.”

That was in 2010 and it seems like a long time ago. Even the controversial event in Qatar has a long history. However, one of the curious legacies of the time is that the United States will host the FIFA World Cup after all: 2026. It will be the second after 1994. It is indeed a symbol of the giant nature of FIFA FIFA Immersion: Swelled to 48 participating teams and sixteen venues. It is divided into three countries, the USA, Canada and Mexico, whose set of stadiums is distributed over a square with a side length of more than 4,000 kilometers on the map.

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