May 21, 2024

“I will punch him in the face”

Donald Trump is currently competing for votes in the primaries. He also resorts to baseless allegations. This angers some observers.

Longtime NBA star Charles Barkley has harshly criticized Donald Trump. Trump claimed at a gala for the Black Conservative Union, the black conservative association in the USA, that the image of his August 2023 arrest would be well received by African Americans. The 77-year-old compared the charges against him to the decades of discrimination they faced.

“Charles, you can't say that.”

“If I saw a black person walking around with a picture of Trump, I would punch them in the face,” Barkley said on his show “King Charles” with Gayle King on CNN. Gayle King then interrupted Barkley: “Charles, you can't say that and not mean it.” The 61-year-old contradicted his colleague: “I'm serious.” King replied, “Then you get arrested. What happens then?” “Then I'll buy myself out and celebrate,” the former NBA star replied.

“If I had been at that event, I would have gotten up and left,” replied the former power forward, who was voted the NBA's Most Valuable Player (“Most Valuable Player”) as a player for the Phoenix Suns in the 1990s. “That was an attack on the All Blacks.” Comparing our history of discrimination to his situation… one, he's a billionaire, and two, he's being impeached for things he did wrong. “At least some things are true. They stormed the Capitol and claimed the lost election was stolen. These are not lies.”