December 4, 2023

Defeat for the conservatives – Figo fails to be elected as head of the Spanish government – News

  • Spain’s conservative opposition leader Alberto Nunez Figo was not elected as the new head of government in the second round of voting in the Spanish Parliament.
  • Only 172 MPs voted for the 62-year-old on Friday. 177 votes voted against it, and one vote was invalid.

With this new defeat, the first right-wing alliance project between the People’s Party and the right-wing populist Vox party at the national level for the fourth largest economy in the European Union was considered to have failed for the time being. Before the vote in Parliament, Figo accused the acting head of government, socialist Pedro Sanchez, of seeking to form a “government of lies and deception” by responding to the demands of Catalan separatists in order to obtain their support.

King Felipe VI was expected to do so and will now task Sanchez, who has ruled since 2018, with forming a new government. If a majority is not achieved by November 27, the only option is to hold new elections, which will be held on January 14.


However, the king commissioned Vigo, as the winner of the election, to form the government.


Commissioned by the king

In the July 23 elections, the People’s Party obtained the largest number of votes ahead of the Socialists led by Sanchez, but lost the absolute majority. However, the king commissioned Vigo, as the winner of the election, to form the government. However, it soon became clear that the People’s Party had alienated itself with its coalition manifesto in favor of Vox. Small left-wing and regional parties in Catalonia and Spain’s Basque Country rejected an agreement that would have also included Vox.

Sanchez had better chances. But he also needs, among other things, the votes of Catalan separatists. They are calling not only for an amnesty for separatists who participated in the failed secession attempt in 2017, but also for a new referendum on independence. Sánchez has promised amnesty, but not a referendum, which is too politically dangerous for him.

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