April 13, 2024

Declan Rice is hoping to convince his Arsenal team-mate Ben White to turn England around

Declan Rice He hopes to convince arsenal His teammate Ben White To make an international turn and become available to play for England.

The 26-year-old white player has excelled for the English Premier League leaders this season, but has not participated in the national team squad since the 2022 World Cup.

White came back early The State of Qatar For what the Football Association called “personal reasons” and reports later emerged of an alleged brawl with England assistant Steve Holland.

Southgate recently confirmed that Ben White has made himself unavailable for selection

England boss Gareth Southgate (pictured) recently confirmed that Ben White had made himself unavailable for selection (James Manning/PA)

England coach Gareth Southgate denied any such repercussions when he announced his squad to face the Friends Brazil And Belgiumwith Rice now named as captain of the latter on Tuesday night.

Rice will now lead Southgate's side at Wembley in the final friendly before the manager selects his 23-man squad for Euro 2024 – after which he will set about convincing White to change his mind.

“When I come back I will talk to him and see,” Rice told talkSPORT.

“But I hope he changes his mind about it because having a player like that – in a team that is performing well in the Premier League – will be a great addition to the team (England).”

White, whose new contract with Arsenal was announced on the same day he continued to be left out of Southgate's squad, has been in good form for his club this season.

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Rice believes in the versatility of the former Brighton This could also be a positive for Southgate heading into a tournament where squad size is at a premium.

“The only thing I can say is that it's Ben's life. It's Ben's decision,” Rice added.

“We can't argue with him about what he wants to do. Of course, there will always be people who write things down, who have their own opinions about what they think.

White is in good form with Arsenal this seasonWhite is in good form with Arsenal this season

White has been in good form for Arsenal this season (John Walton/PA)

He added: “But in the end, the only thing that matters is what he thinks, and at this moment, it is clear that he does not want to play for England.”

“I really hope he changes his mind, because I see him every day, he's a good character. For people who don't know, this is a good character, very calm, very balanced.

“When he's on a football pitch, he'll do anything to win, but I also think for England too, he can play as a centre-back or a right-back, as in an inverted full-back. He's now a key tool that we can have.

“So I hope he changes his mind. Obviously, at this moment, he doesn't feel like he wants to. So I think that's his decision.”

“I know him and Gareth has talked internally about it. So I don't know much about the ins and outs, but I just hope he changes his mind.

“If you know him as a person and as a player like me, he is a good guy. He is a good guy and an unbelievable footballer.

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“Playing for England is the greatest honor you can ever have. So hopefully, with the quality he has and the quality he can bring to this team, we can bring him back.

Rice also claimed that his Arsenal teammates within the England ranks would try to change White's mind.

“When I come back, I can have a conversation with him and see the finer details and know what he's thinking,” he added.

“I would love for him to come. I think Bukayo (Saka) would do it. I think Aaron Ramsdell He was. I think we'll all be against him when we come back and say… I hope he can change his mind but I don't know the ins and outs of that conversation.